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In the heart of the Waldviertel, in the market town Rastenfeld, will be spruce and pine round-wood manufactured according to customer`s wishes to high-quality sawn timber. The company Gebrüder Steininger GmbH is a family-run sawmill and wood exporter. By now the family enterprise can celebrate its existence over decades and over generations.

Experience, know how and passion for wood are necessary for a family-run company.

Family Steininger

Family History

In 1981 the brothers Johann sen. and Gerhard Steininger laid the foundations of the today’s company. They took over the parental business.

In the same year they moved the company’s location from the centre of the market town to the industrial zone of Rastenfeld. Thanks to the commitment of these two businessmen it was possible to increase the size of the conifer wood sawmill and to adapt it to customer and market requirements. The premises extends over 19 hectares. Approximately 60 people are employed by the firm at the premises.The present annual lumber production consists of approximately 300.000 cubic metres. Currently the company provides two production lines. One profiling line for processing strong logs and one profiling line for processing weak logs, as well as drying chambers, automatic lumber sorters and packaging systems.

Another important milestone in the history of the company was the establishment of a pellet mill in cooperation with the company Eigl. The pellets mill natürlich waldviertel pellets produces about 20.000 tons of pellets per year. In April 2010 Johann Steininger sen. died and since then his son, Johann jun. and his daughter Barbara together with Gerhard Steininger manage the firm.

2020 the new built planing mill was put into operation. This gives us the ability to carry out further finishing processes, which results in a greater variety of product ranges.
Another important step was the establishment of our own heating plant, which was built and put into action in shortest time. The new 8MW boiler system, in conjunction with a 150,000 liter formation water tank, ensures the heat supply for the in-house drying chambers and the adjacent pellet factory.

Planing mill

2020 the new built planing mill was put into operation. Thus gives us the ability to carry out further finishing processes, which in turn results in a greater variety of product ranges and also create new jobs. The planing mill enables us to split, separated or plan dried timber.

Variety is our strength.


Spruce and pine round-wood will be processed.
All commercial sizes as well as special customer requirements could be provided.

The standard product range includes:

  • raw material for the planning industry
  • Leimbinderlamellen
  • products required for the glue-lam industry
  • products required for the finger-joint industry
  • products required for construction timber
  • laths and balks
  • side material for the pallet and the packaging industry and for the export.

All the products mentioned above can be provided: fresh cut, kiln dried, impregnated or ISPM15 treated.

Providing energy locally for local use.

In cooperation with the company Eigl the enterprise Pelletswerk Waldviertel GmbH was founded. Since 2010 pellets are made on the location in Rastenfeld. Sawdust is manufactured into natürlich waldviertel pellets. The annual production is about 20.000 tons of pellets.

The produced pellets are of high quality. They fulfill and exceed the quality requirements of the ÖNORM M7 135 as well as the DINplus.

If you require further information or if you would like to order, please contact the following hotline: +43 (0) 810/81 81 81

 Sawmill and Wood Export
Rastenfeld 168, 3532 Rastenfeld

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